Bafang Thumb Throttle

Converting the UNI MK electric bicycle to an electric moped / motorcycle, is that possible? Yes indeed, add a thumb throttle and ride electric without pedaling!

The thumb throttle allows you to ride your UNI Bike without pedal assist. We recommend this useful accessory as a safety feature if you regularly ride with children or heavy cargo, as it makes riding at very slow speed a lot easier. Mounted between brake lever and gear shifting unit it is easily usable and especially helps to accelerate the bike when loaded with cargo or a passenger! You'll mount and connect it quickly due to the already existing connection cable and plug in the cable tree - plug & play!


  • Thumb throttles are NOT legal in all countries - check your national law before ordering! In most European countries starting aid accessory like the thumb throttle is only allowed to accelerate to max. 6 km/h!
  • The use of a thumb throttle may affect the overall lifetime of electrical components like motor, battery and controller and leads to cancelation of any existing warranty!

Thumb throttle features

  • Material: plastic
  • Color: black
  • Includes: thumb throttle unit and plug, a connection cable with plug is already included in the Uni Moke's cable tree

Tutorial on how to install a thumb throttle on your UNI Moke