Urban Drivestyle BOBBER- The entry level alternative for UNIMOKE lovers!

Urban Drivestyle BOBBER- The entry level alternative for UNIMOKE lovers!

July 17, 2018

Our UNIMOKE electric bike has been an unbelievably huge success and we are getting worldwide attention for our urban utility approach to electric riding.

In large parts, the success of our UNIMOKE was our constant attention to offering a great and super-solid bike along with the fact that we kept upgrading features and components as we went on producing. To top things off, UNIMOKE comes in a unique ready-to-ride package, with pretty much 100 % assembly done by us.

All of this did not allow us to really try to go for "cheap" in the past, but we clearly saw the need for a lower cost entry-level version of our bike.

So we spent some months trying to find the best combination of price and quality for a entry version and here it is: The BOBBER version of UNIMOKE!

How can the BOBBER be less expensive?

As the name implies, we pretty much stripped everything away from the bike that is not absolutely needed for pure riding fun, without any reduction in parts quality. Not needing to install lamps, converters, wiring and other parts REALLY cuts on assembly cost on our side!

Also, the BOBBER comes in a more compact package with some more assembly needed (front wheel/ handle bar needs to be self mounted) than the original UNIMOKE. This results in lower shipping costs, less packaging material and again, less precious and expensive assembly time spent on our side. 

For the battery, we went for the more common and popular 10,4 AH pack that still offers great range, but is considerable less expensive than the large 14,6 Ah packs of the UNIMOKE.

Even the new short motorcycle type seat was cost optimised: It is the same seat we use on our popular SWING step-through version...

Result: Lower price with no compromise!

Besides the points mentioned above, the BOBBER is a true but basic UNIMOKE: It shares the exact same robust chromoly steel frame and components and in fact, it can be easily self-upgraded to any other version we offer, including the long seat option and cargo racks!

Because we decided NOT to create an entirely new model, we have considerable savings in spare parts and stock-keeping, as the BOBBER does not require us to produce and stock new parts and spares.

Reaching a larger audience therefore also benefits all UNIMOKE owners, as in the long run, we will be able to produce parts and components in larger volumes and therefore cheaper for everyone in the future!

Check out the BOBBER here and PRE-ORDER NOW for November deliveries!