Vinay Kolli- a working student and bike courier on UNIMOKE

Vinay Kolli- a working student and bike courier on UNIMOKE

June 19, 2018

When we created UNIMOKE, we felt from the beginning that we created something very special. What we never expected, though, was the type of personal stories and amazing people we would come across while doing our daily work.

This is the story of Vinay Kolli from Bangalore, India. He is a data science student living in Berlin and he started working as a bike courier for Foodora to earn the extra cash needed to manage the high living expenses in Berlin.

Soon after starting his job, Vinay needed to admit to himself that he is physically simply not up to riding 10-30 kms per day on a normal bicycle with a heavy and large Foodbox on his back. He felt exhausted, stressed and unhappy but really needed the job.

This is when he ran over our UNIMOKE bike on the Internet and just came by our shop to ask if we could help him out. After hearing his story, we did not really need to think too much and prepped a demo UNIMOKE we had in the Shop with a special rear cargo carrier for his huge delivery box.

We are really glad we were able to help him out and we hope that we can build many more delivery UNIMOKEs in the future!

Happy rides!