Uni moke cargo and delivery e-bike

UNIMOKE: Delivery and cargo E-Bike

July 26, 2017

The business of delivering restaurant meals to the home is undergoing rapid change as new online platforms race to capture markets and customers across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. These new Internet platforms are attracting considerable investment and high valuations—already, five are valued at more than $1 billion— and the need for sustainable and reliable delivery vehicles in booming.

The shape of the market today

Worldwide, the market for food delivery stands at €83 billion, or 1 percent of the total food market and 4 percent of food sold through restaurants and fast-food chains. By far, the most common form of delivery is the traditional model, in which the consumer places an order with the local pizza parlor or Chinese restaurant (although many other kinds of restaurants, particularly in urban areas, now offer delivery) and waits for the restaurant to bring the food to the door via scooter or bicycle. This traditional category has a 90 percent market share, and most of those orders—almost three-quarters—are still placed by phone.

However, as in so many other sectors, the rise of digital technology is reshaping the market. Consumers accustomed to shopping online through apps or websites, with maximum convenience and transparency, increasingly expect the same experience when it comes to ordering dinner.

Deliver or not deliver

For restaurant owners or grocery chain providers, being able to deliver food in a short amount of time directly to the customers door becomes a viable and growingly important part of the business strategy.

But ALL delivery services do rely on the right vehicles and systems to transport the goods just-in-time and most importantly, fast and fresh.

The UNIMOKE Cargo and delivery E-Bike

A large part of todays large online food delivery services like DELIVERY HERO rely on classical bicycles for their operations, while others use either gasoline or electrically powered  scooter type vehicles. 

The UNIMOKE Delivery E-Bike is a blend of both existing vehicle types and was designed to combine the advantages of both systems in one.

Urban Drivestyle looked into the advantages and disadvantages of both vehicle types and found that although bicycles offer the highest degree of urban flexibility and often have a speed advantage over road-bound vehicles like scooters or cars, they are rarely exclusively designed for the job. Building classical bicycles tough enough for everyday hard delivery work AND in a way that they fit a large range of riders sizes and wheights would require the bike to designed from scratch and would result in a heavy system.

Unimoke cool delivery and cargo e-bike

Also, not every person is keen or able to ride all day on a human powered, heavily loaded vehicle all day, especially in hilly terrain, putting a limit on Human Resources to get the job done. 

Gasoline or electrical powered scooters solve that problem partially, but again have natural limit in Human Resources as they require a driving licence, number plates and can only be parked in dedicated parking spaces. Also, scooters need to stay on roads and are excluded from bicycle lanes or crossing parks...

The UNIMOKE is a powerful electrical bike with a unique frame design that fits all driver sizes from 165 cm ups to 200 cm. The frame and seat construction uses many design concepts from small urban mopeds and scooters of the 60ies and 70ies, making it extremely rugged even on bad or bumpy roads. The UNIMOKE Delivery e-bike is designed with all-day operations and drivers safety in mind. 

Being a legal E-Bike allows the UNIMOKE to be driven without a drivers licence and with the possibility to make use of bike lanes. The powerful engine makes driving a UNIMOKE just as comfortable and non-exhausting than riding a scooter, but with the added freedom of being a legal bicycle.

UNIMOKE Delivery E-Bike Features:

  • Designed for riders sizes between 165 cm and 200 cm without seat adjustment
  • Rugged and simple full steel design, easy to repair and maintain
  • Upright seat position
  • Comfortable and puncture resistant fat wheel tires
  • Compact and rugged
  • PIRONEX Smart lock system with GPS/ SIM tracking
  • Different rear and side box options
  • Extra strong hydraulic brakes, blinkers and lights
  • Trailer hook
  • Exchangeable battery pack, optional GREENPACK system

Advantages of the UNIMOKE electric delivery bike

  • No drivers licence required
  • Legal Bicycle, direct parking at customers address allows faster delivery
  • Use of bicycle lanes is legal
  • Comfort all-size seat, less exhaustive 
  • Low maintenance steel frame and components, easy to repair at any bike shop/ metal shop

    The UNIMOKE Delivery E-Bike can be ordered starting at 3490 Euros plus taxes  





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