Urban Drivestyle starts up in Berlin!

Urban Drivestyle starts up in Berlin!

January 15, 2018

As many of you have already noticed on our facebook page, we used the winter and Christmas holidays to finally complete the relocation of our headquarters in the New Factory Berlin at Görlitzer park!

The reasons for this were numerous:

1.) Berlin is the centre of e-mobilty start ups

As we have a lot of projects in the pipeline for the future and are constantly looking for new amazing applications for our UNIMOKE and UrbanMicro e-bikes, being close to other fledgling mobility founders and start-ups is an essential asset for our future growth strategy.

The Factory Berlin provides a huge community of IoT experts, mobility specialists and connections to venture funding besides being a great place to meet and connect.

2.) Berlin is the Amsterdam of Germany

There is no other city in Germany with such a huge amount of cyclists, bike sharing ventures and food delivery services on the road than Berlin. Just sitting in a street cafe watching the bike traffic is PURE inspiration for anyone in the industry.

3.) Great Infrastructure and logistics

Because of the above factors, finding qualified staff, running a bike warehouse and access to parts and components is so much faster, easier and better in Berlin than from our Showrooms in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where we will continue or testride service and rental operations.

And last but not least:


It just sounds SO much cooler to be a "bike start-up from Berlin"!









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