Urban Drivestyle meets digital founders at HEUREKA

Urban Drivestyle meets digital founders at HEUREKA

June 14, 2018

The HEUREKA Founders Conference connects the stakeholders of the digital economy, while discovering and supporting rising startup stars.

Urban Drivestyle, though not a real digital start-up was invited to present our UNIMOKE and share bike projects to their audience and we loved it!

HEUREKA Conference is one of the main founders conferences in the German­-speaking world. Across the past six years and the previous editions, the event has attracted more than 4.500 attendees. HEUREKA Conference is organized by the online magazine Gründerszene and has set itself the task of supporting young companies in their development.

 The program aims at sharing necessary knowledge of the key factors for sustainable success, particularly for early-stage start-ups. Industry experts provide a valuable toolkit for founders and entrepreneurs on all things business. As founding a start-up is normally not a straight-forward fairytale, our speakers share their experiences in the light of both, successes and fail stories. You may look forward to seeing a range of diverse and international speaker line-up, as well as discovering hidden champions of the industry.

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