Unimoke- The perfect electric bike for bike rental!

Unimoke- The perfect electric bike for bike rental!

April 26, 2018

Urban Drivestyle started off as a bike rental company for electric vehicles on the Island of Mallorca in 2015. After extensive testing of all sorts of electric vehicles, we decided to produce our own product which today is known as the Unimoke e-bike.

UNIMOKE rental electric bike

So why is the UNIMOKE perfect for bike rental?

Low maintenance and operating costs

Most electric bikes and bicycles are targeted for the private use sector and are designed to be ridden about 1500 km per year. In rental operations, an e-bike will pretty much be ridden all day and extensively so. We have UNIMOKES in our operation that were ridden for 1500-1800 km per month.

UNIMOKE- cool rental electric bike

So ease of repairs, rugged frame layout and simple maintenance was way on top of our list.

UNIMOKE for Spyder rent

To us it was highly important to have quick and easy access to spare parts, be able to source locally and to provide components that are common and easy to work with even for not-so-experienced mechanics.

Hop-on-and-ride concept

Working in rental and catering to all types of customers usually means you have to have a wide selection of different frame styles and bike types available. 

We used to buy electric bikes in 3 different sizes and then still needed to offers extras like baskets and child seats.

UNIMOKE cool e-bike for bike rental

This not only adds to purchase cost, it also means that a part of your fleet may not fit and stay unrented.

UNIMOKE actually fits 3 standard people sizes, from small to large with only one frame.

No need for child seats or seat adjustment

Because the long seat allows the taking of children and even lightweight passengers, there is no more mounting and dismounting of child seats and extra accessories.  

Electric bike rental with UNIMOKE

So after putting UNIMOKE into rental, we had a much higher rent-out rate and a lot less work. 

Rugged semi-offload design and coolness

Not only do customers love the very "instagramable" looks of the UNIMOKE, they also love riding it. Most tourists are not very knowledgable about their routes and the traffic in a new town, so not needing to worry about potholes and tram tracks makes them feel safer and able to concentrate on traffic and map instead on the road conditions.

Electric scooter and bike rental UNIMOKE

Easy to ride

On a UNIMOKE electric bike, you sit upright and enjoy the view. The UNIMOKE is very docile and easy to ride, adding to comfort and safety!

They are also great for touring, rough roads or beach tours.

So, if you run a e-bike, scooter or moped rental, just contact us for special rates and more information on how the UNIMOKE can work for you!






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