UNIMOKE- A cool and powerful fun electric fatbike

UNIMOKE- A cool and powerful fun electric fatbike

January 26, 2018

Many of our owners love the UNIMOKE as a perfect replacement for a moped or small vespa type scooter. 

And yes, the UNIMOKE electric urban bike offers the best of both worlds:

Strong and powerful enough to carry two persons if needed, cool vintage moped touch-and-feel and a great seating position combined with the TOTAL freedom of a bicycle:

Park your UNIMOKE fat bike  wherever you want, no need for a licence or number plate, no insurance needed, no obligatory helmet and you can make use of all those great new bicycle lanes! 

Unimoke, Super 73 style electric urban bike

Mini-bike style e-bike like UNIMOKE and Super 73

Electric motorcycle like Super 73 or UNIMOKE

cool urban electric scooter bike

cool electric scooter type bike UNIMOKE

Lithium powered electric bike like Super 73

Buzzraw style cycle at the coast, Unimoke

Beach cruiser electric bike, Unimoke and Super 73

Surf beach bike like Super 73 UNIMOKE

Cool electric motorcycle bike




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