Urban Drivestyle meets Fahrer Berlin- New cool urban accessories for UNIMOKE

Urban Drivestyle meets Fahrer Berlin- New cool urban accessories for UNIMOKE

June 14, 2018

UNIMOKE was designed as a strong, versatile and flexible urban electric bike and we constantly look for ways to extend the options with useful add-ons and customising features.

In spring 2018, we partnered up with a very agile and innovative company in Berlin, Fahrer Berlin, who are designing and creating amazing sustainable  urban biking accessories since 2014 and who absolutely share our spirit of creating great gear for urban riders°

Here is a selection of or latest co-creations:

1.) UNIMOKE Frame bag

We where often enquired about if we could create a bag that would fill in the open frame space of a UNIMOKE bike and voila- here it is!

2.) UNIMOKE under-seat tool bag

This practical tool or glove bag fits neatly under your seat and is great to store keys, wallets, tools or a raincoat/ rain cover.

3.) UNIMOKE handle bar bag and handle bar protector

If you want to keep stuff in reach (Like your phone, maps or wallet), this useful little bag is just great. It mounts directly to your handle bars and is easily accessible while riding. 

The handle bar protector is great when you leave your bike parked outside in rain or snow.

4.) UNIMOKE mobile phone protection and holder

This cool and robust mobile phone holder protects your device while making it usable while riding.

6.) Extended Mud-Flaps

Those loving or needing to ride in rain and snow get extra spray protection from those extended mud laps for the front fender.

Stay tuned for more amazing urban cycling solutions from Urban Drivestyle and Fahrer Berlin!



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