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NEW: UNIMOKE E-Bike seat and display protection covers

December 21, 2017

As (surprisingly for us..) over 80 % of our UNIMOKES and CaptainCargo bikes are going to regions with colder climate, we are right now busy creating and finding new solutions and accessories that help riders to be more comfortable in wet and cold weather!

Seat cover/ Display cover for MOKE, UNIMOKE and CaptainCargo e-bikes

Although our seats and displays are weather proof, UV radiation, dust and road spray are not exactly nice to seats and displays.

Our seat cover protects your seat, makes sure you have a dry saddle and can also be kept on to give your seat extra protection from chaffing.


The display cover is part of the set. The seat cover is made of PU/Nylon and is available in black and white for only 19,90 Euros.

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