Love on first ride: UNIMOKE meets

Love on first ride: UNIMOKE meets

November 17, 2017

The UNIMOKE power e-bike was designed for heavy loads and utility in mind from day one. When we started looking for a great trailer for our bicycle rental operation, we investigated the market for a HUGE and rugged bike-transport trailer and soon got into contact with, a Munich based set-up building amazingly rugged and well designed trailers.

It was love-on-first-ride and our bike transport unit turned heads everywhere we showed up. Taking this as an starting point, we met with Peter Hornung and immediately found that the combination UNIMOKE e-bike PLUS Hinterher-Trailer is a perfect match.

We both believe that trailers offer great advantages over standard cargo bikes, especially when used in combination with a high-torque e-bike like our UNIMOKE. A trailer can be used in a much more flexible way, is easy to share with others and can be left at home if not needed. 

As we write this, we are designing a center trailer hitch especially to be used with a new trailer.

Please never hesitate to either contact us or Peter with any customisation request or idea!


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