L1E-A: A brand-new class of E-Bikes

L1E-A: A brand-new class of E-Bikes

February 09, 2018

The L1e-A electric bike category makes it possible for E-Bike manufacturers to build electric bikes for European customers that have all the benefits of a regular ebike but with much more power. This new class is a great extension and perfectly suited for our UNIMOKE e-bike.

L1e-A “powered cycles” are defined as cycles designed to pedal, equipped with an auxiliary propulsion with the primary aim to aid pedaling. The propulsion should be limited at a speed of 25 km/h and its maximum continuous rated power should not exceed 1,000W. L1e-A includes two-, three- and four-wheel vehicles.

L1e-A in many countries means that the bike needs to be registered and insured (please check your local laws and regulations for your specific situation). This gives you the peace of mind that your bike is registered and therefore can be traced in the unlikely case your bike is lost or stolen. European authorities have carefully studied the requirements necessary for you to safely and securely ride your ebike. Only those bikes that fully comply with the L1e-A regulation are offered a European type approval. 

Being in the L1e-A category gives the E-Bikes many benefits over traditional ebikes. Some of these benefits include:

Throttle On Demand

Unlike many traditional ebikes, the new class gives you the benefit of an on-demand throttle. Depending on your needs you can choose to stick to pedal assist, rely solely on the throttle, or give yourself a quick power boost while riding in pedal assist mode by flicking the throttle. Very effective for overtaking, helping you to accelerate from standstill, or overcoming that sudden steep incline!

500/ 750W Motor

The upcoming L1e-A UNIMOKE will feature the proven BAFANG G06 500/750W motor instead of the typical 250W motors of regular ebikes. That is three times the power at your feet or fingertips! Hills that are hard to conquer on a regular ebike suddenly are doable with a L1e-A because of the extra power. Strong headwind? Not a problem. Heavy loads? You can still ride virtually effortless!

No Helmet Required

While we always recommend wearing one for safety, the L1e-A category in most countries means that a helmet is not required and the bikes can be used on regular cycle lanes and paths (please check local laws and regulations for your specific situation).

We expect UNIMOKE to pass all L1e-A testing and certification by April 2018!

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