Check out our new SWING step-through version!

Check out our new SWING step-through version!

February 19, 2018

Actually, already in our first design studies we had a step-through version of our UNIMOKE in the planning, as we knew that for everyday utility transport operations, at some point comfort wins over looks.

Why a step-through version of your UNIMOKE utility e-bike?

We always loved the concept of the 60ies and 70ies mopeds and one really made a difference: The Honda CubFirst, there was Honda happily telling the world that it had made the 100 millionth of the Cub, secondly, the Honda Cub was the last real disruption in the moto industry!

So we designed the UNIMOKE utility bike in a way that we can easily offer a more comfortable and user-friendly step-though version we now call the SWING!

The new UNIMOKE SWING offers super-easy entry, is very stable to ride and can even be ridden with large delivery boxes or child seats without the need to swing your leg over the bike.




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