Why the electric revolution should start with electric scooters and mopeds

Why the electric revolution should start with electric scooters and mopeds

October 11, 2018

Gas-powered scooters and mopeds, much like fine wines, thin cigarettes and fresh baguettes, are one of those quintessentially European sights. 

Gas scooters have long been a convenient (and highly pollutive...) way to zip around crowded European cities, and for decades no one questioned their  disadvantages due to lack of a better alternative: 

  • Gas scooters consume more gasoline than a car compared to load
  • Gas scooters do not feature catalytic converters or exhaust filters
  • Gas scooters are LOUD and often run 2-stroke engines

But now that we have electric bicycles, electric scooters and motorcycles, we should and could start the "Electric Revolution" right here without any invest required for charging infrastructure at all, as the low-power batteries of these vehicles can easily be charged at any regular power outlet!

How banning millions of gas powered scooters and mopeds will change our landscape of mobility

Everybody today talks electric cars, charging infrastructure, super chargers, autonomous cars and the like... But over all the excitement, lets not forget that cars will still stay cars and that besides emission issues, cars most of all EAT the space in our cities needed for recreational areas, businesses and housing.

UNI M8 electric moped

Electric bikes / electric scooters /mopeds for hotel rental

So no matter how you look at it, the electric car saves nothing but creates HUGE new challenges to infrastructure, power supply and power availability. Electric cars simply have the same inherent problems like gas powered cars: They need huge amounts of energy in comparison to their useful load, they take away urgently needed space and they need extremely costly infrastructure. Just to end up in the same traffic jams like today...

Cool electric moped by Urban Drivestyle, UNIMOKE, electric moped scooter bike

Girls on cool electric moped UNI Moke, electric scooter

2-Wheeled powered vehicles like electric scooters and e-bikes on the other side surpass cars by far with their almost optimum in system weight-cargo ratio (50 kg of vehicle transport up to 200 kg of load), making them the perfect vehicles for crowded areas and congested urban areas.

Cool Electric moped, electric motorcycle M8 by Urban Drivestyle

Europe and Asia, with their huge amount of old style, loud and inefficient gas powered 2-wheel scooters and mopeds could easily and without any invest in additional infrastructure change the whole landscape of how we ride in cities by simply banning gasoline powered version of these otherwise perfect urban vehicles!

Cool Electric moped UNI Moke and M8 by Urban Drivestyle

Already today, quoting an article by Electrec.co, gas powered scooter and moped sales below 50 cc are dropping at an dramatic rate.

So a scooter ban like in Amsterdam this year would dramatically speed up the process and get electric mobility going in our EU cities.