February 28, 2019


The Top 5 reasons why Uni Moke is the perfect electric bike for teenagers

Our Uni Moke vintage e-bike, although originally designed for heavy loads and utility operations, has become very popular as a "first motorized vehicle" for teenagers and older children. 

Remember the days of mopeds and vintage style vespa scooters? Browsing your hometown on your first motorized vehicle was exiting, fun and gave you that special new feeling of freedom after all those years on a backseat of a car or riding a bicycle. Extending your range beyond normal walking distance, discovering new parts of town or heading to the next village felt like the world had no limits!

Discover how modern e-bike technology can bring back this feeling to our teens, but safer, cleaner and cooler than ever before!

Teens on electric bike

Uni Moke, unlike many other electric bikes strictly follows the design concept and principles of cool vintage mopeds and scooters and offers that special type of ride style only fat tires, a huge moped style headlamp and super comfy seat that fits two can offer:

  • Rugged, semi off-road design that can take a LOT of beating
  • Cool vintage moped style 
  • Extra long seat that easily and safely takes two persons up to 65 kg each
  • Many cool extras, accessories and options for customisation
  • Easy to repair and affordable spare parts

Teenagers need e-bikes that can handle rough handling

As a parent, you know what Teenagers do with their vehicles: They will take it across parks, head for places and they will show off their riding skills. So a robust design, fat off-road tires and a frame that can handle all types of abuse is what you are looking for!

E-Bike for teenagers: better than any moped

Look good on Instagram or die

Do not even try to bore your kids with a bike that will NOT look cool and tough on Instagram or other social channels! If is does not look cool, it is not cool, period!

Teens on cool. e-bikes, electric bikes UNI MOKE

Uni Moke has that special cool vintage utility touch that always looks great on Instagram!

Cool kids / teens on vintage e-bike

Cool Teens on vintage retro electric bike / electric moped

Take and meet your friends

The secret behind the success of mopeds and scooters was NOT the engine... it was the fact you could, the first time in your life, take someone with you... An entirely new game of opportunities and chances! 

Uni Moke was designed to be a two-place bike that can safely haul two teenagers or tons of sport equipment... or both!

Uni Moke The best Electric bike for Teenagers and older kids

Uni Moke The best Electric bike for Teenagers and older kids

Customisation is king 

Teens love stuff they can customise and adapt to their own personality and image... From vintage cafe racer looks to full-blown army style: It is all up to them!

Uni Moke The best Electric bike for Teenagers and older kids

Uni Moke The best Electric bike for Teenagers and older kids

Ease of repair and affordable spare parts

Nothing is more educational and satisfying than knowing your ride inside out and being able to fix stuff. Uni Moke is a great platform to experience first hands-on experience with bike repairs and quick fixes, with spare parts priced to be right within a teenagers allowance!

Uni Moke The best Electric bike for Teenagers and older kids

E-Bikes are safer, more versatile and cooler than mopeds!

The amazing thing about e-bikes is speed: They are actually FASTER around town while being SLOWER physically!

You can cross parks, use shortcuts and bike lanes, so you will reach your destination a lot quicker than a road-bound moped or scooter. But because the maximum speed is a lot less, they are a lot safer to ride, especially for younger riders!

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