Uni Moke: The perfect utility electric bike for government and public services

Uni Moke: The perfect utility electric bike for government and public services

July 10, 2018

Electric bicycles and vehicles are not only trending amongst urban commuters and private users, they are rapidly gaining popularity for governmental or law enforcement applications. 

As cities are more and more concerned about pollution and sustainability, electric bikes today are also often used to replace classical scooters and motorcycles.

The advantages of using electric bikes for law enforcement and fast response operations are numerous:

  • Faster response in urban and high traffic areas
  • Can be used on road, bike lanes and pedestrian areas
  • Stealth approach on contact with suspects
  • More personable interactions with the public
  • Easier to traverse certain areas in city parks, the walking trails, and roads with an incline  
  • Less fatigue to the rider
  • Less risk of injury
  • Ability to ride for longer periods and faster
  • Environmentally sound, pollution free
  • Low maintainance costs
  • No drivers licencence required

    E-Bikes for Law enforcement/ Police work

    Normal bicycles have long been in service for patrol, security, parks, trails and urban use cases.

    The added power, higher speeds and less exhaustive ride style of electric bikes make the increasingly the choice of ride for these missions.

    Electric bikes are the ultimate solution for urban law enforcement, first responders and emergency personnel.  They offer reduced response times, extended range, lowered costs and instant familiarity. Electric bikes will greatly enhance the abilities of its rider and enable them to do more and do it more quickly and efficiently. 

    cool electric bike fire fighterPolice bicycle and electric bike

    Besides beeing faster and quieter than regular patrol motorcycles and scooters, they allow a stealthy approach to scenes and are able to shortcut more efficiently in urban areas.

    Fire brigade application and fast response electric bikes

    Electric bikes can be used to quickly bring fast response units of the local fire brigade to accident/ fire sites. E-bikes are able to reach fire/ accident sites faster than fire trucks and officers can start to assess, secure and prepare the site even before the actual fire trucks arrive.

    fire brigade electric bike law enforcement

    Electric bike for law enforcement and fast responders

    Cool electric bike for fire brigade

    A fire brigade fast response bike can be equipped with a trailer, allowing to take 2-3 fire extinguishers, 100 ft hose, basic firefighting and first aid equipment along with PA system.

    Electric bikes for fast medical attention/ First Aid 

    Another new application for powerful e-bikes is medical and emergency attention and first aid missions. Equipped with defibrillator and first aid equipment they allow medical personal to reach the scene much faster than ambulances or cars.

    Especially in crowded touristic areas, medical staff is able to be on site much faster than a motor ambulance, to provide first medical attention and care.

    Ambulance/ First aid bikes are typically equipped with defibrillator, oxygen cylinder, medical kit, protective blankets, stretcher (trailer) and a double seat option.

    Park and public asset management

    E-Bikes also find applications in park, real estate and nature surveillance and asset management (documentation, tree control, park controll).

    Fat wheel bike and fat tire trailer

    Utility electric bike

    Uni Moke / Uni Swing electric bikes: Flexible, powerful and versatile!

    The UNIMOKE was designed to be a real workhorse that can be easily adapted to many missions. There are very few e-bikes that match the features of the UNIMOKE electric bike:

    • Designed for up to 150 kg of load
    • Optional 2-seat version
    • Fat multi-terrain tires for added safety and comfort
    • Exchangeable battery and powerful hub motor
    • Easy to maintain and low-cost spare parts
    • Robust and easy to repair ChroMoly steel frame
    • One size fits all
    • Many cargo and storage options
    • Several PA systems, sirene and flashing light options to suit every market
    • Up to 100 km on one charge (With extra high capacity 20 AH battery)
    • Upright seating and riding position


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