UNI MOKE Electric Bike Product Update July 2018

UNI MOKE Electric Bike Product Update July 2018

July 19, 2018

There has been a lot of chitchat and talk about the "V3"version lately and here is our long awaited product update (July 2018):

First of all we would send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone in our Owners Group on facebook!

Your amazing input and collaboration has not only been extremely helpful in improving the UNIMOKE, you guys have simply been the best pack a start-up company could ever wish for! 

But let us dive straight into the subject:

1.) UNIMOKE V3 frame modifications

As already mentioned before in our group, we rolled in a couple of modifications to our already very solid and versatile frame design in order to allow us to offer more versions of UNIMOKE (Like the new entry level Bobber) without the need for another frame design/ version or extra stock:

  • Integrated front mud guard for all liking the naked version
  • 3 more hard points (6mm and 10mm) for cargo racks, paniers and foot rests
  • Extra stiffeners for those looking at a lot of cargo options 
  • Improved headset and tube design
  • Removable display holder
  • Removable lamp assembly
  • Improved seat lock mechanism
  • Mounting option for short SWING seat (Bobber Version)

As you know, we are in the process of creating a whole UNIMOKE FAMILY, ranging from EU-legal EPAC BOBBER all the way up to a 1500 W moped version without pedals. The new frame design covers all of those products without needing us to stock and maintain different frame types, forks and seats.


2.) UNIMOKE V3 components upgrade

As you may have noticed, we upgraded all UNIMOKE with better components as we went:

  • hydraulic brakes,
  • extra strong MTB discs,
  • NEW BAFANG throttle and sensors
  • Improved gear shift from SHIMANO
  • IP65 cable connectors and controller housing

The headset, controller box and electronics have been redesigned to avoid the problems we had in early versions with condensation moisture and corroded cable connectors. All is now IP65 standard in regards to protection.

The battery has been upgraded to Panasonic 14.6 AH battery packs, adding 30 % range to the package.

It is honest to say that we invested all savings from larger production numbers in quality and better components and we are sure this will be highly appreciated!

3.) New UNIMOKE Moped version

YES, we do work on a high performance, throttle only version of UNIMOKE and we will keep you postet about it. Right now we are working on:

  • Front fork suspension (which will be available as a aftermarket part for UNIMOKE bikes soon)
  • 1500 W direct drive engine 
  • Higher performance battery
  • New seat design

So, stay tuned for more on that project!

4.) Production speed and warehouses

Somehow in 2018, demand always was a LOT higher than we were able to produce, despite up really pumping up production and stock. We continue working VERY hard to optimise and speed up production and also have taken new partners into the company that will help us with beeing able to actually have stock available for immediate deliveries soon!

As we write this blog, we are still pretty much hand-assembling your machines and we are super sorry for any delays that you may have gone through in the past! 

We know that the wait is worth it, but our goal for late 2018 is to be able to deliver within a week after your order and we are currently preparing USA, Australia and EU stock for this!

Stay tuned for more info later this week or just subscribe our newsletter!