UNIMOKE double-seat and heavy cargo riding

UNIMOKE double-seat and heavy cargo riding

August 09, 2018

When we designed UNIMOKE, we had a very modular and versatile bicycle in mind that could be used for many utility purposes, including heavy weight, 1+1 riding and trailer operation.

Unlike most electric bikes of its class, UNIMOKE not only was supposed to look cool, but also had flexibility in-built from day one and that included riding with a passenger or children.

Today we are amazed how many owners actually make good use of the hauling capabilities of UNIMOKE and naturally, many questions are brought forward about limitations and the legal status.

With this short blog we would like to shed some light how to ride safe with a passenger:


Riding your UNIMOKE e-bike with a passenger

UNIMOKE is NOT a double seat bike, it is a 1+1 bike, meaning you can safely ride with a passenger as long as stay within certain limitations.

Legal status

Check with your local authorities about the laws about double-seat riding in your specific area. In most countries, you can ride tandems, rickshaws and other multi-seat bicycles without beeing bothered, but that varies greatly between countries and regions.

In Holland for example, having you girlfriend on the back is, although not 100 % legal, widely accepted practice. In other, less liberal countries, you may be getting the evil eye from your local policeman.

There are NO real and clear laws about this issue in most countries, as double-seat bicycles where never an issue up until the day electric assist came into play, so time will tell if that options becomes more widely accepted or not.

What are the technical limitations to 1+1 riding on UNIMOKE electric bikes?

  • Only ride on dry, flat and even surfaces
  • Adjust your riding speed accordingly 
  • Only ride with passenger that are able to put both feet solidly to the ground while standing or riding at very slow speeds
  • Only ride with passenger that are lighter or same weight like you
  • Only ride with passengers when you already feel very confident and safe riding a UNIMOKE alone
  • Do not ride in very hilly terrain
  • Make good use of your gears and apply maximum pedal input in order not to overload the engine/ controller when riding 1+1
  • Only ride 1+1 with your brakes and drivetrain/ gears in perfect running condition
  • Do NOT use throttle or push assist as a means of acceleration on slopes or hills... this may lead to engine/ controller damage. If the hill is too steep, get off the bike.

Most of this is pretty much common sense, but always keep in mind that UNIMOKE is still a bicycle and not a full blown moped. As long as you stay within these limits, your UNIMOKE will your greatest buddy when riding with a passenger!

Cool urban kids on a cool electric motorcycle

Use of throttle or push assist

If you live in one of the great countries that allow throttles, you are golden!

Throttles allow you to fine adjust your power gradually and to keep your legs down until you reach a balanced and safe riding speed. They also greatly help while riding in tight spaces.

The push assist on the other side CAN be used for short stretches and on flat surfaces to help get you going in case you do not have a throttle but is not a replacement for peddling or throttle!

Double seat cool electric bike UNIMOKE


Throttles and push assist on low-power electric bikes are NOT designed to accelerate your bike uphill without peddling or to be used for long distance engine-only operation. 

The engine is designed to assist you, not to do all the work. If the hill is too steep to get going and if you are in the wrong gear, just have your passenger get off the bike. 

Ride safe and have fun on your UNIMOKE!

Have a safe ride!