November 07, 2018

The UNI Moke electric bike, although not specifically designed as an off-road electric bike, will get you almost ANYWHERE in style and comfort!

The sport utility character of our workhorse makes Uni Moke so popular amongst people living in suburban areas and in need of something for both city AND countryside operations.

Bike designers tend to think that "urban professionals" need sleek, slim, fixie-style e-bikes with leather saddles and brass bells.

We believe that urban riders need a lot MORE than that:

A bike that works for you, will take you safely to work and back, even in bad weather and will enable you to fetch groceries on the way... or to bring your kids to school... or go to the bar with your girlfriend on ONE vehicle... 

Also, UNIMOKE should be fun to travel with, to explore places and sites where normal would just not take you without being a full blown offroad machine...

So here are the TOP 5 reasons that make Uni Moke much more than just a cool urban moped-style electric bike:

1.) A steel horse you ride!

We designed UNI Moke entirely using highest-grade ChroMo steel to create a super rugged, lifetime warranteed frame that absorbs even the hardest shocks and is statically fit for over 180 kg of load.

2.) High torque engine from the market leader

As UNI Moke is not about speed, but about reliable high power, we have chosen The BAFANG G06 to power our bike. This engine is known to be literally indestructible and offers the right amount of torque just when you need it!

3.) The largest range of great utility accessories and extras

We offer literally everything needed for true outdoor operations: Cargo racks, storage boxes, seat extensions, foot pecks, rain covers... We want you to be equipped for YOUR drivestyle and we keep adding more and more to UNI Moke to keep you going!

4.) Choice of Slick, Semi-Slick and off-road tires

You have a choice of tires for your UNI Moke to cater to every style of riding: Slicks for the urban jungle, multi-purpose semi-slicks and really tough knobby-tires for the occasional detour through terrain.

5.) Trailer and cargo ready

If you run out of ideas and space with your UNI Moke, just add one of our SUPER high quality trailers to get that extra load capacity for your trip!



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