UNI Moke September Photo Contest WINNER announcement!

UNI Moke September Photo Contest WINNER announcement!

October 01, 2018

First of all, it probably was the hardest thing EVER in the history of Urban Drivestyle to find a winner for the ONGOING photo contest and we fought hard to announce the FIRST winner of the September run of our contest!

We were totally stunned about the number of posts, the creativity and time invested and the amazing ideas you all came up with!

After reviewing all over again and looking over all posts and pictures, we decided NOT to make Rowan Lee Hartsuiker the winner of the contest!

Instead, we decided to make his SON, JIRO Hartsuiker the true HERO of this first run, as he has been the most patient, lovable and greatest protagonist ever and probably is suffering from traumatas received from all those UNI Moke shootings! So, it is up to HIM to make his pick between CHROME or BRASS!

PS: ALL OF YOU who have been taking part in the contest, do not despair: You will be still IN THE GAME for October and November AND we will issue some great prices and coupon codes for the TOP 10 of our September round!


For our october run, we are specifically looking for images with a strong relation to the specific location or place the image was taken! So if you are in Amsterdam, Hamburg, London or up in the Swiss Alps, make sure to show something typical that relates to the location or site!

Here a selection of some of our other favourites that will go straight into the next contest!

See ALL of the amazing shots we received here on Instagram:

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