UNI Moke delivery and electric cargo bike solution

UNI Moke delivery and electric cargo bike solution

October 09, 2018

Electric cargo bike solutions will change the landscape of urban transport and last mile delivery and currently, there are clear signs that flexible, trailer based cargo solutions have many advantages over classical "Long John" cargo bikes.

Pollution free, fast and flexible: Small electric delivery vehicles and cargo bikes combined with delivery hubs and battery exchange stations have the potential to reduce delivery traffic volume by over 70 % in a short period of time.

UNI Moke and UNI Swing where designed as rugged workhorses for the urban utility market and especially with heavy trailer operations in mind.

UNI Moke: Electric cargo bike with  trailer

UNI Make: Cool Electric cargo bike with boat trailer

We have built hundreds of bikes especially equipped for local transport and courier missions and our experiences with high quality bike trailers are excellent.

Why are bike trailers superior to classical electric "all-in-one" cargo bikes?

Todays urban transport market asks for a wide range of delivery and transport solutions, ranging from food and grocery delivery all the way up to heavy cargo transport.

The industry has designed many different electric vehicles catering to very specific clients and needs. As a fleet operator in the new urban mobility landscape, versatile and easy to adapt concepts are more and more looked for. 

UNI Moke: Cool Electric food delivery/ cargo bike with boat trailer

Bike trailers in combination with high-power utility electric bikes offer the most flexible and adaptable way of operation a bike cargo business.

The advantages of flexible bike trailer combinations are clear:

  • Bike Trailers are low cost, low tech vehicles available in different sizes and transport volumes (from 0,5 cubic metres to 1 cubic metre)
  • Trailers can easily be pepacked in cargo hubs and made ready for pick-up, allowing for faster turn-around times.
  • Trailers are safer and easier to operate than all-in-one cargo bikes and long johns.
  • The towing vehicle can be used for no-trailer operations (courier services/ food delivery) and therefore be used for many different use cases.
  • Bike trailers can be manufactures for many different use cases without needing an entirely new vehicle (food warmers, food coolers, heavy/ bulky cargo, thermo boxes etc.)

UNI Moke electric bike with heavy cargo bike trailer

UNI Moke: Electric utility bike/ cargo bike with bike transport trailer

Uni Moke cool electric bike with food trailer/ cargo trailer

Uni moke electric cargo bike with heavy duty transport trailer

UNI Moke with Greenpack and cargo bike trailer

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