Uni Moke: The perfect e-bike for rental fleets and tour operators

Uni Moke: The perfect e-bike for rental fleets and tour operators

October 24, 2018

Are you running a bike or scooter rental business? Then you probably found yourself many times searching the internet for the perfect electric bike for your rental fleet or tour operation. Well, you may have JUST reached the end of your journey...

Rental e-bike for businesses, e-bike for fleets

The Uni Moke electric bike for rental and tours

The famous Uni Moke/ Uni Swing series of electric bikes was designed in 2016 with bike rental businesses and tour operators in mind.

We were running one of the largest e-bike and electric scooter fleets in Palma de Mallorca back then and Uni Moke was created simply because we could not find the perfect e-bike for bike rental on the market!

Today, UNI Mokes are used all over world for work and cargo operations and by private customers of all ages and lifestyles!

Electric bike for bike rental, scooter rental and bike tours

What makes the Uni Moke electric bike so perfect for rental fleets?

The perfect rental electric bike/ electric scooter rental fleet

Bike rental companies need to rely on their e-bikes and every day down in maintenance or repair is a day lost in revenue. Spare part cost and availability is next on the list, just as well as a design that would fir most rider types and experience levels.

So when we looked for the perfect bike rental e-bike, we wanted:

  • A super tough frame and tire design 
  • A "one-size-fits all" design with minimum adjustment required
  • Ability to handle light off road conditions (bad roads, beach, country side)
  • Super reliable engine/ controller system and spare part availability
  • Ease of repair and maintainance
  • Very easy to ride and safe
  • A cool design with many safety features
  • The ability to even take the heaviest rider around
  • Easy branding and customisation (baskets, surf racks, trailers)

The result of our search was Uni Moke, soon followed by the easy-entry UNI Swing. So why should you as a rental operator or tour provider choose Uni Moke?

One size fits all, no adjustment needed

The perfect electric bike for rental and bike share companies

As a bicycle rental fleet operator, you probably know the pain of having to offer different bikes for different riders and still needing to adjust saddles, handle bars and other components. This not only takes away valuable time from your service staff, it also creates wear and tear.

The Uni Moke e-bike features the LONGEST bike seat of the world and a super strong BAFANG G06 engine, making it more like a moped or scooter without the need to adjust the seat for riders between 160 cm and 200 cm of size!

Super strong frame: An e-bike for large and heavy riders

The perfect bike for electric bike rental fleets

We often needed to decline rental to very heavy or large riders, so our Uni Moke was especially designed to not only handle even the heaviest rider, but can also be ridden double seated with our special seat extension! 

Strong enough for light off road operations

Electric bicycle for bike rental and tours

Sick of getting bikes back with bent rims or loose components just because they were ridden in not-so-great road conditions? You want to offer your customers the flexibility to even take your e-bikes to some rough places?

Although not an electric mountain bike or off road vehicle, the Uni Moke Ebike can be ridden on very rough roads, country ways or on sand/ gravel without any problems!

Simple beats complex

Electric bike repair berlin/ electric bike rental

Uni Moke was designed to be tough, strong and easy on your repair budgets. We know there is a LOT of fancy stuff around, but when it comes to spare part availability and repair, nothing beats the Uni Moke.

We only use reliable and proven components from mass market suppliers, so you will NEVER get stuck waiting for specialised spare parts or hard-to-get parts!

Your perfect rental fleet e-bike needs to be back on the line next day, so we made sure all our components are available all over the globe!

Safety first

Electric rental bike, share bike, tour bike

Uni Moke is super easy to ride and offers a very upright and comfortable riding position. The design is so safe, it is even IMPOSSIBLE to flip a Uni Moke over forward even if stopped with front brake only out of maximum speed!

The huge headlamp and moped style appearance warns car drivers and pedestrians visually and tells them that a motorized vehicle is approaching.

And you will have have customers return with a broken seat post adjustment or handle bar clamp!

Createst selection of accessories and extras for your rental fleet

Electric bike share/ rental bike with box

We know from experience that a rental bike needs to be easily customisable for several use cases:

Child seats? Beach gear basket? Surf board rack? Bike trailer? All there and immediately available following your personal demand and needs!

Cool design and very "Instagrammable"

electric bicycle for rental and tours

Uni Moke is a real head-turner and looks great on pictures. People of all ages and lifestyles just love to ride it and hey, they are cool!

Be prepared to see your bike on MANY social media posts and blogs...

Easy to brand for your bike rental business

Rental bikes for Hotels/ share bike bike fleet

We spent DAYS putting our banners and panels to bicycles and scooters and it usually did not make the bike look cooler...

So we designed Uni Moke specifically with businesses in mind and offer high quality, 4C printed panels for your bike rental advertisement!

After all, it is your business that needs to stand out of the masses!

Great deals and partnership plan for bike rental operators

We know how the bike rental and tour business works, so we created a super special package for bike and scooter rental businesses:

  • Payment plans to suit your fleet size and business needs
  • Free listing in our "Test Ride Centers" section
  • Marketing assistance and blog support
  • Special deals on accessories and extras
  • Commission for sales created through your bike rental activities

Contact us for more details or book a appointment with us in either Berlin or Palma de Mallorca!