DUO MOKE Project: A new breed of electric multi-person electric cargo bikes

DUO MOKE Project: A new breed of electric multi-person electric cargo bikes

February 12, 2019

At Urban Drivestyle, we design electric vehicles for a urban future yet to come.

We want our cities to become less car logged, safer, quieter and cleaner. And our projects and products are our way to be part of the solution to create better cities for all of us.

DUOP Moke electric cabin bike / velocar / Pedalcar

We like to give our vehicles classic and vintage looks, simply because we want to make them more attractive, fun and cool but also as a tribute to the 50ies and 60ies, where most people rode light and small vehicles or two wheelers.

Why we designed DUO Moke like a tiny car

We always loved cargo bikes and we always planned to make our own version of what we think would be a real cool hauler for an urban environment. We sort of needed to empty our brains first, in order not to step into the "big bicycle with a huge box" trap and needed to start all over with the thinking process... What did we really want? Who would be using it? How could it be used in 1000 different ways?

DUO Moke electric velocar cargo bike ricksha

That was our must have list:

  • Good to haul two heavy adults or one adult plus two kids
  • Weather protection and side panels for low temperatures
  • Designed for up 50 kph / 45 kph
  • 100 km minimum range on one charge
  • Serial human hybrid chinless drive system
  • Platform based with different roof/ cargo tops
  • Super easy to repair, customise and maintain
  • Designed to be assembled from kits in local "micro factories"

Honestly, all we wanted was a tiny, legal, easy to maintain, low weight, low power pedal car! Just enough weather protection to get to work dry, just enough structure to feel protected and just enough space to carry groceries, a second person or 2 kids... And so small it can perked anywhere without problems...

DUO MOKE velocar electric cargo bike

All of that packed in a compact, yet cool looking vehicle that would NOT make you look like you were just about to head for yoga lessons after having a cup of mate tea in an overpriced coffee shop...

Duo Moke electric cargo quad / velocar

So what is it?

Duo Moke is a simple, rugged electric cargo/ passenger electric bike made of Chromoly Steel tubing and a aluminum top structure. The frame structure is welded and the cabin part is fully removable and can be modified very easily to suit different needs (Child transport, cargo, delivery).

The advantages of a velocar are immense:

Because Duo Make can be operated as a 25 kph cargo bike, it is considered a legal bicycle. So you all the great advantages of todays bicycle infrastructure and laws:

  • Free parking where ever you have space
  • No licence or insurance required
  • Use of bike lanes and street
  • Zero emmissions
  • Access to parks and leisure zones
  • 1000 free smiles from people seeing you ride

DUO M0ke has a small engine in each rear wheel, taking away most of the peddling work and it can carry up to four 20 Ah batteries for a range of up to 200 km between charges.

How does it ride?

Simply fantastic! We never rode anything so close to a Kettcar since... super stable, very tight turning radious, no tendency to ever feel unstable. 

How much will it cost?

We really do not have exact numbers as of now, but are planning to sell the basic platform at around 3.900 USD. 

Stay tuned for more information about this amazing UD project, we will definitely take it further!

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